What To Expect

Arrival & Open Networking

When you’re in BNI, the most important meal of the day is definitely breakfast! Our meetings start with some very informal open networking and a delicious buffet style breakfast laid on by Green Park. Once you’ve signed in, one of our visitor hosts will introduce you to some of our members and help you get settled. We’re a friendly bunch who love to see a new face, so you’ll quickly forget any nerves and get lost in the buzz of networking.


Education And Information

Once you’ve enjoyed your breakfast you will be invited through to the main meeting room, where you will be seated with members of the chapter. The leadership team will take you through the format of the meeting and introduce the weekly education slot. This slot is delivered by a different member every week, and is spent helping fellow members understand a different element of BNI philosophy.


Members Weekly Presentation

 Now it’s time for the weekly presentations. Every member will get the change to address the room and talk about their business. Many will also ask to be introduced to a specific person or company that they want to work with. You will notice everyone noting these down on their ‘referrals to look for’ sheets, which help members know who to look for. After the members have spoken, it’s your turn!

Feature Presentations

 Every week a member gets the chance to have the spotlight shine on them with a feature presentation, which helps the rest of the chapter learn a little more about their business.  Whether it’s examples of their work or demonstrating their services (which our plumber likes to take literally by assembling boiler during the meeting), these feature presentations are incredibly valuable in helping members understand what to look out for.



 Like any good business, we set goals and track our performance. We do this in the contributions section using referral slips and ‘thank you for the business’ cards. These little pieces of paper help us measure the business shared around the room each week, and every member, substitute and visitor will have a chance to stand up and make their contribution.


End Of The Meeting And Extra Networking

To round off the meeting, we tally up how much business we have shared and give away some prizes! Our first prize is awarded to the person who gave the best weekly member presentation, as decided by the previous weeks winner. The seconds is our door prize, which is donated by that weeks’ feature speaker and is given to a randomly selected member. After the meeting, members are free to network, meet and chat using the venues facilities, starting the next weeks’ meeting right away!