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We’re definitely different, as unlike many SEO agencies or freelancers, we have a solid background of 24+ years in the industry as a web design and development company.


That means we don’t focus only on content, we fine-tune the code that your site runs on. This is absolutely essential to making the most of your SEO strategy.


Imagine this… your company sells golf clubs, so you want to rank for the long-tail keyword “buy golf clubs”. So you put that keyword on your homepage – great – all done? No. We look at that keyword and see what code is wrapped around it so that when Google visits your site, it knows that “buy golf clubs” is a very important keyword that you want to rank for. What other words are people searching for around that topic as well and how can these be used in the content on that page, blog posts and supporting pages to help boost the relevancy of your site to that search term.


Part of our process is to go through the code and check it is optimised and easy for Google and other search engines (Bing, Yahoo etc.) to read.


Only once that has been done is it worth concentrating on the copy and content of your site, if you don’t get your code right, you’re wasting valuable ranking opportunities, your time, money and loosing revenue and potential sales.


While every client is different (we approach each project with fresh eyes), there’s nothing like a plan of action  and we have a standard process which applied to all our SEO projects.