Have You Taken A Holiday From Your Business?

Have You Taken A Holiday From Your Business?

Working through the holidays can sometimes be a difficult ask – especially when the sun is shining and all you want to do is spend time on the beach with your family. Unfortunately, that’s what everyone else is thinking too, and this makes the holidays a very challenging time for sales teams everywhere. To keep you motivated and selling even in the slow periods, here are our 4 tips to help you and your team beat the slump.


Make A Checklist


At times like this, it can be easy to get distracted by little niggly jobs, funny things on the internet or even just staring out of the window. That’s why it’s critical to stay focussed on your critical tasks, get good work done and catch up on everything. Make yourself a list of everything you’ve put off doing for the past few months, and make sure you take care of it all over the holidays. You’ll feel great when the holidays end, everyone comes flooding back to work and your inbox is clear and your to do list blank, ready to be filled.


Have A Battle Plan


Failing to prepare is preparing to fail, so make sure you have a plan for everything. Take advantage of the lull to define a plan and detail the next steps for every project. Make sure you understand where you are with every project, as well as the business as a whole, and the path to get to your goal. You should be planning for time as well, for people getting ready to go on holiday, taking longer lunches or leaving early. Make sure you are planning for times when your  team is skeletal, and when the only person in the office capable of signing off on something is out of the office. If a lot of your team are away, consider outsourcing to cover their absence.


Meet New People


You might have noticed, but a lot of people take extended holidays during the summer, usually to coincide with the warm weather or the school holidays. This might make you less inclined to go out and network during this time, thinking that maybe the numbers will be a bit thin on the ground. And while that might be true for some groups, in others (like BNI) it’s a great way to get yourself in front of a whole host of new faces. Substitutes for existing members open up a whole new network to you that you might never have seen otherwise, so it’s worth going along to as many networking meetings as you can, and finding out if your next best customer is in the room.


Have Some Fun!


Despite the fact that we haven’t been able to take 6 weeks off since we left school, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have some fun! An important part of keeping your team focussed and engaged is letting them let off steam every now and then. So bring ice cream into the office for everyone, take your team out to lunch or just enjoy a few ‘dress down’ days to keep everyone relaxed and happy.


If you’re interested in meeting some new people and getting some inspiration over the holidays, we would love to meet you! At BNI Reading Central, we’re still meeting every week, and sharing over £22,95.88 of business between members. To find out more, just register to visit us here.