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Reading Central is a platinum standard, flagship chapter for Berkshire & Wiltshire Region. But if that means nothing to you, don’t worry. Instead, look at the fact that our vibrant chapter has over 50 members who share £3 million of business around the room every year. So if you’re looking to grow your business, this really is the place to be.

The Four Elements Of BNI

Creating a recipe for success for all our members.

Visitors and members tend to love four key things about BNI, and these 4 things form the foundation of everything we do as a chapter.

Structure and Learning

Every meeting our members benefit from a structured networking event, which includes education slots on general networking or business issues, as well as presentations from all of our members. So as well as some stellar networking, our members are always learning and developing their skills.

Doing Business

We’re all here because we want to do business, and that we definitely do! Our members share an average of £40k confirmed, invoiced business around the room every single week.


Our chapter members aren’t just business associates – we’re friends and colleagues. We hold regular social events as a chapter, get together outside of regular meetings and even fundraise as a group, all of which strengthens the bonds of trust and reliability within the room.


Through our Power Teams, our members work together to provide the best services for their clients. We work as a team to generate business for others in the room, and even help each other deliver services.


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Our results

At BNI Reading Central, we’re more than just a networking group. Our dedicated leadership team run the chapter like a business, which means we are always setting ourselves goals and measuring how well we’re doing. As a flagship chapter we are the biggest, most successful chapter in Berkshire and Wiltshire, and that is in part thanks to the amazing efforts of all our members.


Each week referrals are shared using a referral slip, which helps us keep track of how many introductions and jobs are being given out, and by who. We also thank other members for any invoiced business as a result of those referrals, which we record on a humble ‘thank you for the business card’. These all get counted during the meeting, so our members can leave with the thrill of knowing just how much business BNI has generated that week.


In last month’s meeting (July 2018), we have shared:


Business passed in £


Referrals passed


121 meetings

We also keep a running total of the amount of business shared by our members. At Reading Central we are always readjusting our targets, as we keep hitting them so quickly! We recently achieved our latest goal of passing over £2 million worth of business within 12 months, and we don’t plan to stop there!


Over the last 12 months we have shared:


Business passed in £


Referrals passed


121 meetings

If you want to have a slice of the action, all you have to do is come and visit us. We are always looking for new members to share revenue and connections with, and we’re happy to give you the chance to see our amazing chapter in action.

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